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Skilled developer is seeking to obtain project work w/in a shop that has an HP3000, and/or an IBM/SCO UNIX system for any duration east of the Mississippi River (perfer something in or near Ohio).

17 yrs experience includes:                       Industries:
16 yrs COBOL                                           15 yrs manufacturing
15 yrs on the HP3000                                  4 yrs healthcare/ warehousing
10 yrs w/ Quiz                                             1 year real estate
9 yrs Qedit, Suprtool
8 yrs system management/admin.
7 yrs management
7 yrs Dbgenrl                                                 Misc.
5 yrs consulting                                              14 different HP platforms,
5 yrs Quick & QTP                                        6 O.S. upgrades, Map3000,
4 yrs w/ Oracle/SQL Plus                               Jobscope, Satcom, Bakco,
4 yrs w/ IBM ES9000                                    Orbit, crons, scripts, shells,
4 yrs w/ RS6000 UNIX                                 FTP, phone systems, EDI,
4 yrs system-data migrations                           Dec-Vax-OpenVMS,
1 year w/ SCO UNIX                                    bar coding, Supplytech,
6 months IBM COBOL CICS                       disaster planning, etc..
6 months w/ Oracle

Contact: 419-651-6704 or
An independent/self-employed provider of premium and practical HPe3000 (MPE) business system solutions. Services specializing in **HP3K MIGRATION TO OTHER PLATFORMS**, COBOL, Sqlplus, Oracle, Qedit, Suprtool, Powerhouse (Quiz, Quick, QTP), Management, Operations, Database (Dbgenrl), & Analysis consultations. IT/HP-MPE purveyor since 1985.

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